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Limited Time Aakar Salon  Special
From Soft and Natural to Strong and Punky...
Book a Red/Gold Hair Coloring With Us & Get a FREE Cleanup (₹500/- VALUE!)
Only 9 Appointments Left!

Claim your FREE FACIAL with Red/Gold Hair Coloring Offer (500 VALUE)

Click Below To Get Your Discount Code

From A-List Celebrities and the pages of Vogue, to women everywhere who just want to feel good about their appearance, Gold & Read Hair Coloring is becoming the go-to for modern, chic hair!

Here are a few reasons people are LOVING coloring:

  • A Soft, More Natural Look

  • Low Maintenance

  • Economical - No Frequent Salon Visits for Touch ups

  • Timeless and Trendy

  • Less Noticeable Regrowth Lines

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